How to detect and get rid of radon near me?

What is Radon near me?

Radon near me is a colorless, odorless class A carcinogen. It is a chemically unreactive inert gas. It is considered to be one of the heaviest gas, nine times heavier than air. It can easily penetrate low-density materials like paper and building materials like concrete and many insulations. It can penetrate easily because of its property of having a single atom. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to radon and its decay products might result in lung cancer and other health issues in humans.

Adequate level of radon gas?

The Congress declared 0.4pCi/L as the standard level for indoor Radon near me. Unfortunately, only one-third of all homes meet this criterion. The US EPA was given the task to make up new guidelines and proposals for the country. So the EPA of the US made 4pCi/L as the action level. If the results exceed at this level then the EPA suggests you take measurable steps to mitigate the radon levels. This does not mean either that levels below 4pCi/L are favorable, as mentioned by BEIR VI study. If you want to reduce the risk of lung cancer by 50% then you need to make sure that the radon levels fall to below 2pCi/L. The risk of cancer from radon gas at an action level of 2pCi/L is still hundred times greater than the risks from carcinogens in our diet.

Although no level of radon gas is safe you need to find your own equilibrium levels by balancing the benefits and costs. You walk and work outside in sun, exposing yourself to ultraviolet radiations and thus increasing the risk of having skin cancer. You drive in a car almost every day even though the ratio of car accidents is too large. On daily basis, people do so many activities they smoke, eat unbalanced diet and even involve themselves in dangerous behaviors. To some extent, radon gas is another damaging risk that you all take in regularly. To save yourself from disastrous results it’s better to go for an inexpensive radon test to collect information about how many levels of radon gas you are surrounded with. In so many occupations, workers especially the underground uranium miners are exposed to high levels of radon and its decay products typically less than 1000Bq/m3 EEC Rn.

Getting Rid of Radon:

There are several ways to get rid of radon near me. Two of them are:

  • Active Soil Depressurization
  • Seal Basement Floor and Walls


In Active Soil Depressurization, you install a pipe through the basement and leave its exit through the roof. It is the most preferred method. There is a fan in the basement which moves the air through the pipe to outside. This method can save you from radon for almost 10 years.  In Seal Basement Floor and Walls, you seal the home openings and cracks to prevent radon from entering the home.


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